KF Lee Bio

Life is a series of contradictions. Mine has been and I cannot claim any great talent or personal asset to distinguish me from others. Instead of depressing me, though at times it does, I find myself exuberant for no specific reason. (I do like a good party.)

Early life was disciplined, sometimes harshly. I had the good fortune, however, of home-grown food, a bedroom with a dormer window with a spectacular view of our farm, and a profusion of stars.

My days were given to bare feet and farm work. Family music nights were lively with singing and the twang of instruments.

The best part, the one I most remember, was our family library with every genre you could imagine. I read them all.

I wasn’t a bad student because of my excessive reading which gave me some skill in writing, no skill in math.

I did go to college, majoring in piano and philosophy. To pay for it, and support myself, I had a succession of menial jobs. Eventually I migrated to the newspaper and print industries. A desire to write simmered in the background.

I did begin Light Seeders, but left it on the back burner to simmer. I stirred it every once in a while. The truth is, however, I was scared. Intimidated. There are writers far better than I. The publishing world is cut throat. I was likely to earn even 1/32 of the time I had given to this pipe dream. Oh yes, I was defeating myself right from the beginning. That changed.

I have these periods of bull-dog determination. I completed, edited, rewrote, edited, and rewrote several times until I felt the book ready to meet the world. Then, I immediately began another one.

The only wish I have is that you enjoy this science fiction book, as much as I enjoyed writing it.