The Microcosm

An acquaintance of mine (I will call him “A”) finds it necessary to frequently assert that he has a “big heart.” Through repetition he has made it his reality. This includes the fact that Jesus tells him what is right.

“A’s” legendary anger threatens violence which he finds permissible because, in all cases, he’s been “wrong done by”. Unlike Jesus, he argues, people do not repay his generosity in the way he believes they should. What “way” that is remains a mystery. His personal history is littered with bitter complaints, constant judgment, and unquenchable anger.

The above is but a microcosm of a greater psychosis possessing our world, a world of illusion with broad denials. Others are not like us, not the right color, gender, disability, or other indefensible judgement. The fight for food, water, and housing are alarmingly high throughout the world. The illusions have been ceaselessly forced upon us in the forms of disease, lack of birth control, laws that serve only a few, etc. Those who claim good fortune feel it is deserved and expect more.

Creation of illusion began in ancient times, for territory, or resources. (We continue fighting the same battles.) The use of illusion was a way to control and confer wealth and power upon the few or “select.” Slight-of-hand techniques coupled with word, and deed began to predominated “education.” Power was defined by violence. Clear signs of failure were evident, but unaddressed. It’s hardly any different know.

Much has been critically studied (jaded opinions and worn ideas tossed to the side in lieu of cold-eyed evidence). Scientists, teachers, and those truly concerned with what they are witnessing have sounded alarms. The attention until recently has been muddled by wild-accusations and conspiracy theories. However, it is no longer possible to cover up earth’s degradation (though there are several dinosaurs stuck in the mud of the past and holding dollars in their fists).

Like centuries previous, we focus on our achievements and greatness, not the pain and perversity we inflict on one another. We are trapped in the belly of the whale and beginning to drown. The specter of hunger, homelessness, and abject failure (of being unable to provide for ourselves or save our families) is becoming a common reality. We cannot find a way to get out.

I am not so cynical that I do not recognize the increasing many who are finding alternative ways of becoming, rethinking, and applying creative solutions. There is more than living in a house but being unable to eat, placing our money in banks that charge us to exchange our pitiful wages, and the marketers who sell cheap goods produced by other slaves throughout the world. We are afraid, and cling to the illusions, but illusions have no life lines.

We are all in this together. We must work together to find solutions coordinate our creations to improve upon or change the circumstances. Share what works. The truth is slowly outing. It is my fervid hope that it’s not too late for we are all looking over the cliff of extinction on the planet we depend upon for life.


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