Lies Collapse

The toilet is backed up. It hasn’t been working well for quite some time, and not just mine. Everyone in this building and in this block is beginning to vacate. My family and I are vacating soon.

We are hearing rumors that it is a city-wide maybe even a state-wide problem. The problem is so widespread that there are no public servants, no fire, police, emergency or other essential personnel. Government is not functioning. Those wealthy barristers of justice have fled. Their lies caught up to them. Not everything was okay.

The waste lines got clogged. It was clear a long time ago that this would become an emergency. They tried to hide the problem by adding to it, and flushing worthless currency.

There are thousands, if not millions of us living in the street. At first there were fights for food, shelter, and water. It was dangerous, and wasn’t working well because we were all in the same boat. If there were classes, it was the bullies and the bullied. (Much like before.) Too many, bullies included, began to realize that if we were to survive, we would need to work together. No one could be more important than another.

It’s been about a year now. There are gardens, water collection systems, and solar cookers. Bathrooms are innovative, and so is shelter. The aspect of our lives that has changed most of all, however, is that we’re beginning to live our true purposes, our value to ourselves and to each other. We’re under no illusions. Life has nothing to do with class, race, gender, or money.


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