Addicted to used books, I’m often lucky and find a keeper. The latest is Single and Single by John LeCarre, published 1999 and relevant to today’s latest scandal, the Panama Papers.

Single and Single details the lives of high rollers, shadow deals, and shell games. This world is created by the masters of illusion, the manipulators of truth.  The  manipulators promise fabulous wealth to those who  master the game of resources (including human blood). Those successful in executing this extraordinary feat of illusion are gifted with the finest the world can offer.

Unfortunately for the masters of illusion, there’s a problem. As detailed in Single and Single, the works of deception-al art are damaged, the colors fading. Those rushing in to repair are panicked. Mistakes are being made. The truth continues to leak. Damage control is being applied. It must be repaired. If not, a cascade of events will follow.

This is our reality. It is not fiction. We, the collective of humanity, are beginning to see the illusion we are living. Seeing the truth, however, is a tall order. Many have forgotten how to live without the false supports of fast foods, conglomerate groceries, and mega farms producing poisoned goods. Corporations have created so-called needs, money with questionable value, retirement savings promising no returns, but enriching those who have created the various instruments of deceit. Costly medicines may treat the dis-ease, but do not heal.

Imprisoned by debt and the hope of a better tomorrow, we can’t seem to escape. We have become prisoners. We know something must be done. Our prisons are overcrowded. The structure is weakening. Something has to give, but what?

The break from prison and our illusions is underway. Too many are seeing how weak our structures. Will the next call to world-wide war be an all-out effort to repair the illusions (to quickly bury the Panama Papers and shameless deeds)? I suggest this solution has been planned. The opening salvo, the indicator that the world is being protected and saved, will come via a horrific “terrorist” incident. The outcome is yet to be determined. Will we take up arms against the illusion, or arms against one another?

We are entering a time requiring great bravery, a time that demands sacrifices, but most of all, demands the truth and not from the indispensable corporate media maintaining the illusions.



2 thoughts on “Illusions

  1. This post lends itself to the many paths leading down rabbit holes, reveals the many layers of the onion or the many strands of the spider web. One of my questions is who released these Panama Papers? For these reasons it may be difficult for me to state clearly everything this brings to mind.
    Perhaps it will be revealed that Eric Snowden or Julian Assange are responsible for leaking these papers. They are, after-all, evil doers that expose the underbelly of the Capitalist beast. I believe this leak is an inside job meant to discredit some that have run afoul of the global machine (unrestrained capitalism). Will all of the names in these papers be made public? Are there any of the current U.S. Presidential candidates on this list? Many questions remain. Hopefully we will get answers.
    As far as getting through the illusions, many people have become too accustom to their own illusions of how society works or as you put it “[they] have forgotten how to live without the false supports…”. They refuse to see preferring to remain in their isolated bubble of these false securities. They try to repair these bubbles as quick as the powers that be are trying to repair the holes these papers are making.
    As far as taking up arms, I believe it is a mixed bag. In some ways it reminds me of the chorus line and title of a Fuel song “Jesus or a Gun.” Take for instance the many self proclaimed Bible-thumping racists Christians that seem to hate anyone that differs from their viewpoints give them an option of choosing to keep their Bible or their gun. Hmm looks like the Second Amendment trumps everything? See now I’m headed down another thought strand.
    Thank you for the thought provoking post.


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