The Appearance of False Benevolence

The civilization of Light Seeders is composed of a compliant world population kept safe, fed, housed, and educated by an all-powerful world government. Life is regulated from birth to death. Imagination, creativity, love, and friendships do not exist. It is a civilization of false benevolence.

When I began writing Light Seeders, pieces of history began to assemble in what seemed an ordered progression. During this progression one tyrant followed another, each with an imprint of the last. Each tyrant drove a stake through human consciousness. Distortions of science, logic, and thoughtful reasoning was becoming the norm. The cultural atmosphere was beginning to show black fringes of a nasty storm. There were several horrific wars over the ages until the storm of storms shadowed all that had gone before, a possible world-wide conflagration never before imagined.

The storm shadows were beginning to intensify when Light Seeders was begun  What began as fantasy soon became science fiction. I was in a full-blown crisis of acknowledging how limited my education had been, and how I had unnecessarily accepted those limits. (This acknowledgement is still in effect.)

I know little of earth dynamics. My visual perceptions are narrowed by what I have been told to see. (That ghosts, etc. do not exist, for example.) I know little of our astounding connections to one another, this earth, the solar system, or the universe. Physics comes closest to satisfying my quests for understanding. Too, numerous writers, past and present, continue to expand my consciousness. Best of all are friends who are unafraid to explore any subject with the intent of exploring ways of becoming full-blown human beings. Better yet when those friends enjoy a beer or two.


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